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"Donna J" was born in Baltimore, Maryland where her mother was a hairdresser and her father a “free spirit”. Her love of music comes from listening to jazz, blues and rock-n-roll 24 hours a day. From Ella Fitzgerald to The Beatles, Donna listened, danced and sang as her dreams of being a famous entertainer filled her head. Donna got her first guitar when she was 11 and wrote her first song when she was 14. She continued to play and entertain in small clubs in and around Maryland, while going to college to get her degree. After college, her career in the health care industry took off leaving her music on the back burner.

It wasn't until she came to The Villages, Florida in 2008, that her passion for music resurfaced. She entered every talent show in town and often she would be at local clubs singing karaoke. In 2012 she released her first CD called "I Dared to Dream" and in 2015 her book of poetry, "Reflections".  In late 2015 she was center stage at The Savannah Center and from there went on to starting her own production company, OSP.  She put on a variety of full, theater productions including Mother's Day; a Halloween show; BROADWAY show and two Christmas Shows. In 2019, she decided to hang up her production hat and went out on her own as a soloist.  She wowed everyone with her wide range of genres, powerful voice, energy and her passion for singing. 


She currently is the Music and Choir Director at her church and is busy putting the final touches of her next CD "Living The Dream" coming out soon!!

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